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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Final Layout.. (Better Quality Pictures Will Be Up Soon)

I redrafted the layout on A2 canvas, the texture made this pretty difficult so the lines weren't very clean. I then coated it in numerous washes of blue before painting upon it with watercolour applying a final wash when it had dried.. I definitely hadn't used watercolour in years 'cause i'm very impatient.. but overall I was happy with the final outcome..

Final Layout Outlines and Tonals..

After the thumbnails, I created a line drawing of the final room I wanted, then I photocopied them and worked ontop of them with pencil and coloured tones..

Working towards the final Design for Layout project peice..

I wanted to create a a mafia-esque 1940-50s peice for my final room layout. Inspired by moodboards, I created thumbnails of the room I wanted using different setups..

Tonal Bedroom Drawings..

Working on scans of the line drawing I did of my bedroom earlier in the year, I toned the photocopies using tonal pencils, biro pens (cross hatched) and watercolour pencils..

A bit more Textures..

Some more textures for the Design For Layout project.. experimentation with acrylic paint on MDF.

And some more Life Drawing..

Marwell Zoo Trip (Quick Observational Sketches)