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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Life Drawing in the Style of a Chosen Artist: Rembrandt.

Basically we were told to come into life drawing as usual on Monday morning, however, we were forbidden to draw in our personal style for that session, instead working in the way of a chosen artist, who for me was, Rembrandt.

Some More Daumier With a Hint of Rembrant.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Old 'Skool' Biro Drawing On Canvas.

Last Years Foundation Animation Work (Camera + Lamp, Stop Motioned Drawings)

Memory of the New Life - Charcoal Animation (2009)


A Series of Events Final Animation - Paper Puppetry (2010)


'Feeding Pigeons' (Animation Project) - Paper Puppetry (2010)


Honore Daumier.. you ARE the man!

So yeah, we had to pick and artist and draw in the same sort of style as them.. I chose this bloke, he captures some awesome caracture!

Train Journey Observation..

Bit of Life Drawing and the old Anatomy.

Sketches of some fave musicians..
So yeaaaah, I've fiiiinaaaaaallllllyyyy made a blog. I'll probs post a few personal drawings to get this thaang started!