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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Final Layout.. (Better Quality Pictures Will Be Up Soon)

I redrafted the layout on A2 canvas, the texture made this pretty difficult so the lines weren't very clean. I then coated it in numerous washes of blue before painting upon it with watercolour applying a final wash when it had dried.. I definitely hadn't used watercolour in years 'cause i'm very impatient.. but overall I was happy with the final outcome..

Final Layout Outlines and Tonals..

After the thumbnails, I created a line drawing of the final room I wanted, then I photocopied them and worked ontop of them with pencil and coloured tones..

Working towards the final Design for Layout project peice..

I wanted to create a a mafia-esque 1940-50s peice for my final room layout. Inspired by moodboards, I created thumbnails of the room I wanted using different setups..

Tonal Bedroom Drawings..

Working on scans of the line drawing I did of my bedroom earlier in the year, I toned the photocopies using tonal pencils, biro pens (cross hatched) and watercolour pencils..

A bit more Textures..

Some more textures for the Design For Layout project.. experimentation with acrylic paint on MDF.

And some more Life Drawing..

Marwell Zoo Trip (Quick Observational Sketches)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More Life Drawing..


A sheet showing sketches of different textures.. cloth.. wood.. plastic.. metal.

Room Layouts

We were told to draw out our rooms, house, detail with lines of different line thickness to change the effect of the object.