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Monday, 22 November 2010

Old 'Skool' Biro Drawing On Canvas.

Last Years Foundation Animation Work (Camera + Lamp, Stop Motioned Drawings)

Memory of the New Life - Charcoal Animation (2009)


A Series of Events Final Animation - Paper Puppetry (2010)


'Feeding Pigeons' (Animation Project) - Paper Puppetry (2010)


Honore Daumier.. you ARE the man!

So yeah, we had to pick and artist and draw in the same sort of style as them.. I chose this bloke, he captures some awesome caracture!

Train Journey Observation..

Bit of Life Drawing and the old Anatomy.

Sketches of some fave musicians..
So yeaaaah, I've fiiiinaaaaaallllllyyyy made a blog. I'll probs post a few personal drawings to get this thaang started!